Worship Board

Members: Peter Kapler (Chairman), Billy Crowley, (vacancy)

Purpose: The Worship Board works to achieve excellence in WORSHIP through GROWing spiritual lives with expanding the opportunity to SERVE in glorifying the Lord as we SHARE the Word with everyone!

Ministry forms

Planning form A-1 (Ministry Team Planning Form) link: Coordinators use this form to document ministry team plans for the next fiscal year with proposed budget numbers.  https://forms.gle/GicrRS7QhMLzK5wu5 

Reporting form C-1 (Ministry Event Review Form) link: Coordinators use this form to document ministry event completions for each event with actual expenditures. https://forms.gle/cD2GTkHy9cwUPzUr7

Sign Up Form: Download Form.  Coordinators use this Word form for sign-ups in the Welcome Center.  If you need an online signup, request it from the Media and Marketing Coordinator.

Sign In Form: Download Form.  Coordinators use this Word form to create sign-in forms for your events.  Please place completed forms in the office mailbox of Member Ministry Coordinator.

Worship Ministry

Coordinator: (vacant)

Purpose: Achieve excellence in all Worship components.

Music Ministry

Coordinator: Gwen Pasbrig

Purpose: Work with musical groups to carry out our purpose for worship.

Audio Visual Ministry

Coordinator: (vacant)

Purpose: Work with the pastoral staff to utilize A/V technology as an aid to the proclamation of the Word in worship services.

Greeters Ministry

Coordinator: Gretchen Crowley

Purpose: Coordinate greeters for a welcoming environment prior to worship services.

Ushers Ministry

Coordinator: Eric Retzlaff

Purpose: Serve as guides at worship services, take attendance, care for offerings, assist with ushering to Holy Communion, opening and closing of worship facility.

Communion Preparation Ministry

Coordinator: Ed Spreeman

Purpose: Set up and take down of elements for Holy Communion.

Soundroom Ministry

Coordinator: Jim Sievert

Purpose: Present audio-visuals during worship services.

Coffee Ministry

Coordinator: Bill Storey

Purpose: Provide coffee before and/or after services and other events.