Member Access

Some content on this site is restricted to members and will not be seen by non-members without a sign-in.  This includes the Members Directory.

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If You Have a Sign-in ...

If you have an established sign-in and password for this portal.  Sign in with the link in the upper right corner. Once signed in, the Member Directory is under "Members Connect" above and "Directory." 

If You Want a Sign-in ...

Each sign-in requires a unique, not shared, email address for the person to update his or her personal information.

If you are a Good Shepherd member and do not have a sign-in.  Go to Member Site Access Form to submit a request for access.  An administrator will receive this form and initiate an invitation email to you.  This email will contain a link from which you can create a password and sign in.  See additional information here.

Important Information for Members Directory

The online church directory is accessible to members and select authorized individuals.  It may show members' names, photos (if available), addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses per household and per individual.

If you have not previously designated what you what displayed in the directory or withheld, the default is to display household and individual names, photos (if available from old directories), address, and household phone number.

The directory allows you to update your household and your individual directory information: address, phone number(s), and email address(es). Changes you make are passed to the church database for official use as well. You can also indicate whether specific items are listed in the directory or not and whether you are to be listed or not.

You may upload a photo of yourself.  If you want to upload a photo of yourself in the directory, please use a horizontal picture (landscape), as a vertical picture may show up sideways.

Opting Out of the Directory

If you are not interested in access to the member information and wish to exclude information from the directory, submit the Member Directory Opt-Out Form.

Important Policy Information for Members Directory

This site provides household and individual contact information, including name, photo (if available), address, phone numbers, and email addresses. Members who use this online directory can change their personal and household information, provide a photo, and designate that the address or phone numbers or email addresses be withheld from view by others.  Members who want to hide their names and photo or who do not use the site must contact the church.

A member or authorized user of the online directory agrees to use it for Good Shepherd ministry and personal contact only, and will not use the information provided or permit it to be used for commercial, business, political, or money-raising purposes, subject to loss of privileges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can two of us share the same access?

There is nothing to stop you from doing so as long as you adhere to the access policies.  However, each access is a personal access based on a personal email address, and the person assigned this email address is able to edit and hide their own personal information, not the personal information of others, such as a spouse or child.

What can I update in the directory?

You can edit your household information and your personal information for the email address you are using for access.  This includes photo, address, phone number(s), and email address(es).  Please, do not change family name.  You can also edit your personal phone number(s) and email address(es).  You can choose to list/display the address, individual phone numbers and individual email addresses.

The information you provide is stored in the church management system used for administration.

How do I update my information in the directory?

Locate your household record by entering your name in the search box and clicking on the household name.  Click Edit Household in the upper right.  Please, do not change the family name.  Make changes and click on Update Household at the bottom.

Click on your name in the household record to access your personal information.  Click Edit My Profile to make changes.  Then click Update Profile at the bottom.

My spouse wants changes I can't make.  What should I do?

Personal information other than household information can only be changed by that person.  Contact the church office.

I added a photo.  Why is it sideways?

Frequently, the system turns a vertical/portrait photo sideways.  It is best to use a horizontal/landscape photo with you as the only subject in a closeup.

I don't want a photo in the directory.  How do I remove it?

Click on the photo. Choose Gravatar and click Update Profile.

How do I remove someone from my household?

Contact the church office for removals or additions.

How do I remove all of my household's information from the directory?

See Opting Out of the Directory above.

Do changes here affect the school records?

This directory is not connected to school records.  Changes here or there have no impact on the other.