Board of Lutheran Schools

Members: Nathan Karst (Chairman), Mateo Kopp, Nathan Schmidt, Andy Spaeth, Scott Zeinert

Purpose: Successfully meet and develop the educational needs of students from pre-K-8th grade while maintaining a firm foundation in God’s Word and true Biblical teachings.

Ministry forms

Planning form A-1 (Ministry Team Planning Form) link: Coordinators use this form to document ministry team plans for the next fiscal year with proposed budget numbers. 

Reporting form C-1 (Ministry Event Review Form) link: Coordinators use this form to document ministry event completions for each event with actual expenditures.

Sign Up Form: Download Form.  Coordinators use this Word form for sign-ups in the Welcome Center.  If you need an online signup, request it from the Media and Marketing Coordinator.

Sign In Form: Download Form.  Coordinators use this Word form to create sign-in forms for your events.  Please place completed forms in the office mailbox of Member Ministry Coordinator.

Little Lambs Ministry

Coordinator: Paul Moldenhauer

Purpose: The coordinator and ministry team will meet quarterly to discuss the progress of children and workers with the Little Lambs Director. Determine new opportunities on how the congregation can better support Little Lambs and promote its services within the community.

KML Delegates Ministry

Head KML Delegate: Todd Biesterfeld

Purpose: Delegates attend regular KML general board meetings. The Head KML Delegate provides
updates to the board and church congregation through the message board, bulletins and other

Joint School Ministry

Coordinators: Nathan Karst

Purpose: Develop an ongoing program of communication with the membership and leadership from both SOTH and GS. Create a list of ongoing efforts that keeps the ministry of our joint school in front of the membership of both congregations in a regular and effective manner and report these ongoing programs to the school board.

Public Ministry Encouragement Ministry

Coordinator: (vacant)

Purpose: Encourage students to consider post-Good Shepherd schooling that prepares individuals for entering the public ministry

GOAL Ministry

Coordinator: Kelly Dahlberg

Purpose: This parent support group supports academic and sports events at our school.