Coordinating Council

Executive Committee

Serves as steering committee for the Coordinating Council, committees, task forces and coordinators responsible to Coordinating Council

Chairman: Paul Ihlenfeldt

Vice-Chairman: Justin Rechlicz

Secretary:  Dan Herriges

Financial Officer: Korey Johnson

Pastors: ex officio

Board Chairmen

Adult Nurture: Tom Getka

Family Nurture: Kurt Kolander

Outreach: Todd Biesterfeld

Schools: Nathan Karst

Support: Adam Retzlaff

Worship: Peter Kapler

Financial Secretary

Appointee: Thomas Luecke

Oversee and record offerings received from our members.

Member Ministry

Members: Catherine Moldenhauer (Coordinator) and Marilyn Sievert (Coordinator)

Coordinate personal member ministry initiatives.

Servant Leadership Development Ministry

Members: (vacant)

Develop plans to identify, encourage and train lay leaders for service in our congregation.

Financial Plan for Ministry Committee

Members: President, Vice-President, Financial Officer, Support Board Chairman, Joint Board for Lutheran Schools Chairman, Principal, Business Manager and others appointed by Coordinating Council

Develop and recommend annual ministry plans for church, school, and Little Lambs to the Coordinating Council or Jt. Council for Christian Education.

Trust Fund Committee

Members: Financial Officer, Paul Redig and Gene Derge

Manage our trust funds.

Audit Committee

Members: Appointed by President

Conduct internal audits as requested by the Coordinating Council

Nominating Committee

Members: President, Adult Nurture Chairman, Support Board Chairman, Member Ministry Coordinator, and others

Recommend names for elected Coordinating Council positions.

Pastoral Review Committee

Members: President, Adult Nurture Chairman, two additional by appointment

Recommend pastoral job descriptions to Coordinating Council, help pastors set goals for ministry enhancement.

Joint Council for Christian Education

Members: Five members by appointment

Deal with matters related to the joint operation of our school, recommend school financial plan to voters of Good Shepherd and Shepherd of the Hills.