Support Board

Members: Adam Retzlaff (chairman), Nicholas Janz, Ron Kempf

Purpose: Encourage members in the stewardship of their lives, oversee ministry of Christina giving, and manage the facility and technology resources of the church.

Ministry forms

Planning form A-1 (Ministry Team Planning Form) link: Coordinators use this form to document ministry team plans for the next fiscal year with proposed budget numbers. 

Reporting form C-1 (Ministry Event Review Form) link: Coordinators use this form to document ministry event completions for each event with actual expenditures.

Sign Up Form: Download Form.  Coordinators use this Word form for sign-ups in the Welcome Center.  If you need an online signup, request it from the Media and Marketing Coordinator.

Sign In Form: Download Form.  Coordinators use this Word form to create sign-in forms for your events.  Please place completed forms in the office mailbox of Member Ministry Coordinator.

Property & Facility Ministry

Coordinator: Mark Peters

Purpose: Oversee the conditions, maintenance, repairs of church property, buildings, grounds and equipment.

Volunteer Cleaning Team

Coordinator:  Marcia Weber

Purpose: Assist with interior cleaning of the facility.

Aesthetics Ministry

Coordinator: Ron Kempf

Purpose: Oversee decorations and furniture in common areas of the building.

Technology Ministry

Coordinator: Monte Schmiege

Purpose: Evaluate and maintain technology needs in all areas of ministry.

Stewardship Ministry

Coordinator: (vacant)

Purpose: Provide Biblical stewardship education and encouragement.  Work with member ministry coordinator and team as they survey, coordinate and document talents, skills and abilities of members to fit with Good Shepherd areas of ministry.

Archives Ministry

Coordinator: Sue Zajkowski

Purpose: Preserve pictures, congregational history, and important documents that are significant to our history, and display for viewing.


Coordinator: Dave Garvey