Adult Nurture Board

Members: Tom Getka (Chairman), David Ertmer, Mike Scherbarth

Purpose: Encourage ongoing spiritual growth by bringing God’s people into regular contact with his Word, both to strengthen their faith and prepare them for works of service.

Description: Provide a program of Bible studies designed to meet the various needs of God’s people—those new in die faith or to our congregation, those looking to serve in positions of leadership, those looking to grow in their vocations, and those who are drifting from the Word.

Ministry forms

Planning form A-1 (Ministry Team Planning Form) link: Coordinators use this form to document ministry team plans for the next fiscal year with proposed budget numbers. 

Reporting form C-1 (Ministry Event Review Form) link: Coordinators use this form to document ministry event completions for each event with actual expenditures.

Sign Up Form: Download Form.  Coordinators use this Word form for sign-ups in the Welcome Center.  If you need an online signup, request it from the Media and Marketing Coordinator.

Sign In Form: Download Form.  Coordinators use this Word form to create sign-in forms for your events.  Please place completed forms in the office mailbox of Member Ministry Coordinator.

Adult Bible Study Ministry 

Coordinator: (vacant)

Purpose: Attend or teach a group Bible study. Work with pastoral staff to develop short and long range personal
and group Bible Study plans to meet the spiritual needs of adults, and train lay study leaders.

Called Worker Care Ministry

Coordinator: Ron Mehlberg

Purpose: Develop process to reach out with encouragement to called workers, focusing on their spiritual,
emotional, and physical needs, acting as confidential advocates.

Women’s Ministry

Coordinator: Catherine Moldenhauer

Purpose: Develop plan to meet the spiritual needs of women, training lay leaders, providing resources, and
coordinating various groups and ministry opportunities.

Library Ministry 

Coordinator: Eileen Schmiege

Purpose: Provide sound Biblical print and media resources needed for spiritual growth.

Senior Ministry

Coordinator: Roland Butt

Purpose: Develop and provide necessary resources to meet the spiritual needs of our seniors.

Encouragement Ministry

Coordinator: (vacant)

Purpose: Develop plans to encourage all members in their faith and congregational life, reaching out with
personal contact and encouragement

Care & Share Ministry

Coordinator: Monte Schmiege

Purpose: Encourage one another to stay closely connected to Jesus, our Good Shepherd, and enjoy all the blessings he offers us in worship, in Bible study and through the Lord’s Supper.  

New Member Ministry 

Coordinator: Corrin Ehlke

Purpose: Develop and enact process of welcoming and integrating new member into congregational life.

Stepping Stones

Coordinator: Jennifer Hennen