Outreach Board

Members: Todd Biesterfeld (Chairman),  Paul Braun

Purpose: Reach out to the community to share the Gospel, glorify the Lord and let our light shine with our lives and actions, reflect Christ’s love to others by serving their needs.

Ministry forms

Planning form A-1 (Ministry Team Planning Form) link: Coordinators use this form to document ministry team plans for the next fiscal year with propsed budget numbers.  https://forms.gle/GicrRS7QhMLzK5wu5 

Reporting form C-1 (Ministry Event Review Form) link: Coordinators use this form to document ministry event completions for each event with actual expenditures. https://forms.gle/cD2GTkHy9cwUPzUr7

Sign Up Form: Download Form.  Coordinators use this Word form for sign-ups in the Welcome Center.  If you need an online signup, request it from the Media and Marketing Coordinator.

Sign In Form: Download Form.  Coordinators use this Word form to create sign-in forms for your events.  Please place completed forms in the office mailbox of Member Ministry Coordinator.

Ministry of Compassion

Coordinator: Kristen Kapler

Purpose: Serve and share God’s blessings with the community and congregation through different programs and
events such as the Giving Tree, North Side Ministry, disaster relief, etc.

Member Witness Ministry

Coordinator: (vacant)

Purpose: Teach others to share and defend their faith in Christ when challenged outside of the church. Grow in
skills to minister about their faith and the Gospel.

Prospect Discovery and Nurture Ministry

Coordinator: Linda Kis

Purpose: Discover new visitors and potential member by reaching out and following up during or after events,
services, etc.

Community Service Ministry

Coordinator: Ramiro Paz

Purpose: Serve specific and general needs of the West Bend community'. Grow positive relationships.

Media/Marketing Ministry

Coordinator: Vacant

Purpose: Promote all of God’s blessing within the Church as well as events done by Good Shepherd for the