Personal Member Ministry

Personal Ministry

Personal ministry is living out, in Christ, the special role God has prepared for me and prepared me for.

Personal Member Ministry Mission Statement

Personal Member Ministry helps us discover, develop and deploy our God given gifts and talents, empowering us for faithful and joyful ministry in every area of our lives, and building up the body of Christ as we serve God and others. 

PMM Vision Statement

They will know us by our love. Good Shepherd's members serve eagerly, confidently, and with joy in our homes, church, community, and world. We all work together--each of us using our unique spiritual gifts, skills, and experiences--to build up the body of Christ.

Ministry Position Descriptions

This link allows you to view all MPDs available and download them!

Personal Member Ministry Core Team

Biblical Foundations - Pastor Hein
Culture & Awareness - Marilyn Sievert
Connecting - Jack and Christine Freiheit
Discovery - Cathy Moldenhauer
Matching & Placement - Jaclyn Haeuser
Equipping - Randy Haeuser
Communication - Stephanie Rose
Reflection & Recognition - Chris Horbas

Core Team Goals and Planning